The best dance-based exercise classes on Youtube, Instagram and the internet

Work up a sweat and shake off those #iso blues at the same time with an online dance class. From free-styling sessions with the magnetic choreographer behind Sia’s Chandelier film clip to classical ballet lessons with Misty Copeland, we’ve rounded up 10 that are fast, fun and free (well, some are free…). 

The coronavirus pandemic has people cooped up inside their homes for LONG hours. While self-isolation is helpful in reducing the spread of COVID-19, quarantining inside makes it harder to stay active – especially with gym and fitness studio closures (and your bed constantly calling out to you).

In an effort to keep individuals mentally and physically occupied, many choreographers and dance studios have moved online to offer virtual dance classes. To start you off and get your blood rushing, we have compiled 10 virtual dance classes you need to check out ASAP.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your dancing shoes on.

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#1. Sydney Dance Company

The Sydney Dance Company is a well-established dance studio that generally offers physical classes to individuals from all ages, levels and types of dance. Now, to accommodate for dance-enthusiasts stuck indoors, they have launched virtual dance lessons online. With rave reviews already, you can sign up for their dynamic classes on their Facebook page.

#2. The Ballet Coach

Sarah De-Feu is an English National Ballet School trained dancer, currently offering virtual ballet lessons for both adults and children through her live streams on Instagram, Facebook Live and YouTube. De-Fe usually teaches 14 classes a week, ranging from ‘Little Ones’, ‘Adult Stretch’ to ‘Grandmas and Grandpas’. Recently, she raised more than $5,000 towards the British National Health Service. Check out her YouTube channel if you want to binge-dance!

#3. DanceBody

DanceBody is an American company, founded by trainer Katia Pryce, which provides “dance-inspired fitness for everybody”. Currently, they’re live streaming fat-burning dance routines to get their viewers sweaty. Plus, first time users can sign up to Dancebody Live for a free seven-day trial. Have a peek at their Instagram, for more epic content.

#4. Edge Performing Arts Center

If you’re looking for FREE dances classes in jazz, ballet barre and contemporary, check out the Edge Performing Arts Center’s Instagram. They’re very popular in Hollywood – known for training individuals for dance careers in film, television and stage. Practice makes perfect, so you’ll get better if you put your mind (and soul) into it.

#5. 305 Fitness

Bring back the 80’s aerobic dance moves with 305 Fitness videos. As a cardio dance studio, their YouTube channel has intense – but fun – related dance workouts. This is perfect if you’re looking to burn calories while having a good boogie. Don’t forget to wear your brightest and tightest workout gear to join in the 80’s inspired fun!

#6. T.Milly TV

Always choreographed to new hip hop music, T.Milly TV YouTube dance channel have quite a selection of dance routines to pick from. Their videos are generally shorter – so you can squeeze them in whenever during the day. Also, they upload pretty regularly, meaning you’ll have plenty of videos to look forward to.

#7. Ryan Heffington

Follow Ryan Heffington on Instagram to join in with his entertaining “Sweatfest” sessions. He is a hilarious dancer with a big personality who is also a two-time Grammy Awards nominee for choreographing Arcade Fire’s “We Exist” and Sia’s “Chandelier” music videos. Don’t miss out on his quality content!

#8. Misty Copeland

Famous American ballet dancer Misty Copeland – who’s previously featured in Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – is providing dance “masterclasses” online. The 12-minute videos are aimed at dancers of all ages and levels. You can sign up here, to be a part of the quality lessons.

#9. Strictly You with Sonia Kruger

Aussie TV personality Sonia Kruger is no stranger to dancing, having her own “dance based fitness website” Strictly You – which perhaps is why she is so lean and toned. You can become a member of Strictly You from just $4.99 a month to stream workouts, dance videos and more. Follow her program on Instagram, for updates.

#10. Move With Colour

Filmed in a Sydney Dance studio, the Move With Colour YouTube channel is managed by well-spoken dance instructor Nathan. You can start off with the Colourform program if you’re a beginner or challenge yourself with a 10 min masterclass if you’re up for it. From jazz, to hiphop to 80’s beats, there’s something for everyone!

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