The 16 Best Makeup Removers — Editor Reviews

As fun as putting it on is, taking makeup off when you’re done with it can be a huge pain in the ass (literally — bending over the sink is so uncomfortable). You’ve likely found yourself scrubbing at a waterproof mascara or ultra-matte lipstick to the point of irritation, unable to remove them without a leftover stain or smudge. The thought of makeup removal itself is tedious enough to make us want to skip it altogether, even though it’s absolutely necessary for healthy skin.

With a quality makeup remover, however, it doesn’t have to be that way. And trust us, there are plenty of great makeup removers out there, regardless of whether you prefer a balm, oil, wipe, or micellar water. We’ve rounded up 16 of our favorites, which can melt away all of your makeup without a hitch — yes, even those stubborn waterproof mascaras and lipsticks.

No matter your skin type, budget, or preferred formula, we’ve got something in this list for you. Get ready to cut that night-time routine in half. Your skin (and your back) will thank you for it.

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