Strategically supporting customers with custom blends

International Food Products Corporation (IFPC) is a strategic ingredient partner. Our capabilities include specialty ingredients, custom ingredient blends, core commodity ingredients, in-house research and development team, in-house technical support team, and our state of the art manufacturing facility, Aviator.

When customers need a custom ingredient blend or manufactured product, our ingredient experts work with them to develop solutions that meet their unique business needs. This magic takes place at our Aviator facility, located in St. Louis, MO. Aviator is a best-in-class 230,000 sq. ft. manufacturing, storage, and distribution center featuring an 18,000 pallet vertical stacking system, temperature-controlled storage areas and delivery trucks, premiere liquid and dry blending and packing rooms, modern labs, and quality control testing and validation. A variety of products are produced at this facility including vitamins and custom ingredient blends.

With milk flying off the shelves at grocery stores across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working tirelessly to make sure we keep up with the demand of our vitamin products that dairy partners increasingly need. Milk is not the only application in which our customers use our vitamin portfolio. We formulate water-dispersible vitamins, oil-based vitamins and create custom-formulated vitamin pre-blends to suit multiple concentration levels, making the applications vast. Some of the applications that we custom formulate vitamin blends for include beverages, yogurts, sauces, margarine, peanut butter, frozen desserts, puddings, bakery items, marinades, potato blends, and more. To ensure the highest quality standards in the formulation of our vitamins, we manufacture them in our Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Certified facility, Aviator. They can be used to make Grade A, Non-GMO, and Organic products and are Kosher based on our customers’┬áneeds.

In addition to vitamins, our in-house R&D team works tirelessly to create custom ingredient blends at Aviator as well. The blends are uniquely made to achieve individual customer specifications, including those for clean label, organic, and varied texture and fat levels. The pack size and usage rate can be customized as well, resulting in less measuring while ensuring batch consistency. Blends may also contain all the required color, flavor, and smooth mouthfeel stabilizer to complete the finished product in one step eliminating the need to measure micro and/or macro ingredients.

Since 1974, the Brown family has grown their family-owned business from a sugar supplier to a full-service ingredient manufacturer and distributor. IFPC partners with brands across dairies, food and beverage manufacturers, and foodservice distributors, supplying quality ingredients, creating custom solutions, and providing expert advice. Our goal is to create the best products for our customers to ensure their business is successful. For more information on IFPC, visit

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