Sophie, Countess of Wessex bombshell: Kate Middleton was influenced by royal in this way

“Her off-duty looks are often practical depending on her particular duties.”

Even when going for a casual look, Sophie will add her own style by using tailored items.

“Even the simplest of outfits such as tailored trousers and a comfortable top are complemented with stylish accessories and footwear every time,” Natasha added.

“She’s not afraid to re-wear clothing, which showcases a confidence in her style and fashion choices.


“Colour and print are other elements that Sophie doesn’t shy away from and this suggests a fun and relaxed vibe away from the public eye.

“Sophie’s off-duty looks also suggest she’s a proactive and positive person, both in royal and family duties.”

The Countess clearly developed her own unique style within the Royal Family which could have inspired royals such as Kate Middleton.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s style has notably changed since she married Prince William in 2011.

Previously preferring a laid back look, Kate seems to have taken tips from Sophie with her fashion choices.

Natasha continued: “Sophie’s love of timeless looks I feel has inspired both The Duchess of Cambridge and Autumn Kelly.

“Both royals often favoured casual attire before marrying into the Royal Family.

“However, in recent years they have tailored this look to suit royal duties but still wear relatable staples such as the sold-out Zara dress Kate wore to a charity polo game.”

Both royals will often re-wear items and pick looks that show off their personality.

Natasha said: “Each still pays homage to their personality traits in both on and off-duty looks much like the Countess of Wessex and complements each look with stunning accessories.

“The Duchess of Cambridge also shares a love of some of Sophie’s favourite designers including Emilia Wickstead and Erdem.”

Throughout her time in the Royal Family, Kate has also opted for pieces by the same designers.

Kate joined the Royal Family 12 years after Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Since then, the Duchess of Cambridge appears to have looked to the Countess for some style tips. 

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