Lady Gaga and Haus Laboratories Launch Stupid Love Eye Shadow Palette — Editor Review

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The Little Monsters are about to have an amazing month. As Lady Gaga ramps up to release her sixth studio album, Chromatica, on May 29, she’s also launching new makeup to match the record’s psychedelic neon-and-metal motif. On May 19, Haus Laboratories will launch the Stupid Love Eye Shadow Palette, and it’s the brightest, boldest, most fun product the brand has put out yet.

According to makeup artist and Haus Laboratories global artistry director Sarah Tanno, Stupid Love isn’t just inspired by the song of the same name — it’s an ode to the Chromatica era as a whole.

“This is the first time with the brand that I’ve been able to really merge the music and the makeup,” Tanno tells Allure. “It made me have to really open my mind as far as the style of makeup [Gaga is] going to want, [and] how she’s going to want to feel and interpret that for this entire album.”

It’s a rather fitting ode with its bright blues, soft, romantic pinks, and smoldering warm neutrals. As Tanno points out, each hue in the palette is represented with both matte and shimmering finishes, an intentional choice on her part. “When I was building this palette with Gaga, I wanted there to be a play on the textures, so there’ll be matte and shimmer and multi-finishes in each ‘color zone,'” she says. “You’ll see there’s a white, then there’s a white frost; there’s a teal, then there’s a teal shine; there’s the orange, and then something that’s a little smokier.”

As she puts it, these multi-dimensional “color zones” make it easy for the user to play with high-contrast hues and to give each of them texture and dimension.

Haus Laboratories Stupid Love Eye Shadow Palette, $48

Courtesy of Haus Laboratories

I got to try the Stupid Love Eye Shadow Palette before anyone else, and let me tell you: These inventive shades are every bit as stunning on the eyes as they look in their pans. Because Tanno is used to creating high-octane looks with only minutes to spare, she ensured the palette’s formulas made it possible to do just that. “I wanted the [color] payoff to be extreme,” Tanno explains. The goal, she says, was to create “velvety” mattes and “silky” shimmers that people can apply quickly, whether they’re using a makeup brush or diving right in with their fingers.

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