John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ goes on hiatus

The actor/director announced last week that his popular YouTube series, “Some Good News,” was going on break.

On Tuesday Krasinski tweeted that he had “Saved the best for last!”

“Episode 8 of @somegoodnews has to be my favorite because it celebrates the truth of what this show has always been,” he wrote. “Never mine, always yours! There IS and ALWAYS WILL BE…good in the world! Thank you all! So long but not farewell!”

The online show gave us all a boost during the quarantine as it highlighted positive stories.

Sunday’s episode was all about the community that sprang up around the positive viral series.

Krasinski signed off by saying, “On a very personal note, I can tell you that I will never be able to properly articulate just how much this show has meant to me, and what a tremendous honor it has been to share in all of it with you.”

“Because the truth is, I have been so blown away by the messages I have received saying how joyful this show makes you, how uplifted and inspired you all can be,” he said. “But I assure you, all the pleasure and all the inspiration has been mine.”

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