Hilary Duff Shared Her At-Home Beauty Routine & It Includes Face Gems

Hilary Duff is just like us. Thanks to COVID-19 safety measures, she’s feeling a little bored (in the house) and putting on makeup just for kicks because “we can still have pretty makeup while we’re [staying at home].” Hilz, we’re totally with you on keeping up a beauty routine.

The only difference is that she has 15 million Instagram followers to whom she can broadcast to share her full makeup routine. And that’s exactly what she did. Our favorite part of the 21-minute IGTV video? The finishing touch to her look: a pretty silver face gem. It’s the perfect slice of nostalgia and we think Lizzie McGuire would be super proud. Duff says that adding face gems is a “thing I’ve been doing to have fun and make my day a little bit more sparkly.”

Courtesy of Hilary Duff

While Duff didn’t mention the exact gems she’s using in the video — besides the fact that they’re from Amazon — here are two options we found on the site: a set of 15-color rhinestones and a set of festival-inspired jewels for a little extra pizzazz. Now, excuse us while we buy our own set of gems and start glamming up for our own Facetime photoshoots.

Watch the Younger star’s full IGTV:

And here are all of the other beauty products Duff uses to achieve her everyday glam:

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