Cuban Sandwiches, Available for Takeout and Delivery Across the City

Maybe it was because I was in Havana, but the best Cuban sandwich I can remember having was in the garden overlooking the Malecón seafront at the historic Hotel Nacional de Cuba, an Art Deco beauty that would not be out of place in Rockefeller Center. That was in 2003, and I’ve had very good Cuban sandwiches before and since, in Miami and in New York. (The Cuban sandwich is said to have originated in Florida, among tobacco workers.) Yet as much as I enjoy the sandwich, I’ve never tackled layering and pressing a stack of pork loin, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard on a Cuban-style baguette. But even Covid-19 can’t change that, since there are plenty of options in New York for takeout and delivery.

This East Harlem spot’s El Cubano ($12.50) is classic.

2018 Third Avenue (111th Street), 212-996-1220,

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