Build a 6-pack with Tim Robards’ express abs session

Tim Robards, founder of The Robards Method, takes us through an express abs-focused workout to tighten that core, as part of the body+soul LIVE @ home online workout series. Press play to get started!

It’s hard to stay motivated to workout when you’re practising social distancing properly, we get it. Aside from the fact that your local gym, and now Bootcamps too, have been forced to close it’s hard to find the motivation to get a workout in when you’ve got Netflix (and the fridge) ever-so-gently calling your name…

Which is why we’ve launched the body+soul LIVE @ home online workout series, for your mind and body.

Our final 7-day schedule of online video workouts require ZERO equipment. Oh, and they’re totally and utterly FREE for you to watch, and rewatch, as many times as you like.

We enlisted our good friend Tim Robards, founder of The Robards Method, ex-Bachelor and soon-to-be dad (congrats, Tim!), to help us out and he kindly provided us with a super-fast but super-effective 12-minute ab workout from his 6-week ABS Challenge. Want to really work on that six pack? You can sign up here for the full programme, for free (over 150,000 people have, already) .

Hit play above to get started, check out the full week two schedule below, and then head here to rewatch your favourite workouts or catch any sessions you may have missed.


Full schedule:

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