At Home: This Isn’t Forever. But We Can Make It Better Now.

Welcome! It’s a funny feeling to think that it might not go on forever, the isolation and social distancing, the scary trips to the market, the fear of the half-masked bicyclist approaching on the footpath, the days spent working on that uncomfortable chair, the days spent not working and navigating bureaucracies in search of relief.

Because someday we’ll go out to a park again, to a trailhead, take a train along a river. We’ll fly abroad on vacation, queue up at a museum, run in a foreign city’s park. Someday, children will be back in school, adolescents on college campuses, workers in cube farms and restaurants and retail stores, body-piercing shops, chandleries, bars. (And what will that look like? How will it work?)

In the meantime, though, here we are at home. And even if your city or state is taking measures that allow you to leave and explore, once more, the places beyond your block or tract or neighborhood, the safest place to be is still the one where you hang your mask, wash your hands and lay your head. I write to you today in hopes that we can help make living in that place more pleasurable, more cultured, easier, more fun.

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