6 Weeks Post Distal Bicep Tear

6 Weeks Post Distal Bicep Tear

Hi guys! Many of you have asked me to share the PT I’m doing post distal bicep repair so here you go!

The main details:

  • Tore it in Costa Rica 9 weeks ago
  • Learned 6 weeks ago (today) it was a complete tear and had surgery to repair it 6 weeks ago tonight!
  • It’s been in a locked brace until a few days ago
  • I have 4 more weeks in the brace but take it off to shower, and do my PT
  • It will be another 4 months before I’ll be able to do any upper body workouts or lifting
  • I CAN do lower body bodyweight stuff
  • I’m staying fit by walking, doing the exercises I can and keeping my nutrition on point HERE!


This video walks through all the physical therapy I’m doing.

It is my RIGHT ARM that was injured: this video, since I did it selfie style, makes it look like it’s my left


Natalie Jill


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