14 Best Stay at Home Purchases — Editor Reviews, Shop Now

To put in the simplest terms possible, things are different. Our sleep schedules, shower routines, and even what we consider as “essential” in our beauty routines have been affected. Countless people, including freelance makeup artists and hairstylists are feeling the immense impact of COVID-19 on their livelihoods. Companies like Sephora are making care kits for frontline workers and Garnier USA, like many others, are donating money and pivoting production operations to produce sanitizers for retail workers, and designers like Christian Siriano are making non-medical masks to combat the shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment) needed by healthcare workers.

The entire Allure team has, of course, been working from home ever since stay-at-home orders were implemented (over eight weeks ago for New York City). Along the way, we’ve adjusted to our new home-work hybrid setups and bought a few things to help keep us company or make the days (which all blur together, to be honest) a little brighter — and surprise, most of our picks are not beauty-related. (Although we do have some beauty products we’ve been loving if that’s what you’re looking for.)

We’re talking fuzzy slippers, cozy pajama pants, Masterclass sessions, and cases of fizzy prebiotic-infused drinks — whatever it is that makes us feel just a little bit better. And while the things that spark joy are different for each individual (and they aren’t limited to things we buy), we hope our recommendations are a good jumping-off point for you to discover your new favorite thing, whether that’s a source of entertainment or something utilitarian to improve your work-from-home setup.

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